About Us

Here is the Lucky Bull Grill Story:

I am Alex Kinoti and I am super passionate about meat and not just every meat. I have a strong preference for grilled meat and my several years of experience have made me a Pro in tens of recipes that will make you lick your fingers. I am now based in a small town in New Mexico but have traveled widely having been born in Florida, went to college in New York, and later to what I call ‘professional cooking school’ in California. I also spent four years in Texas where my passion for meat was nurtured with exposure to several types of recipes and grills.

With my 6 years of professional experience making barbeques, I believe there is no right or wrong way to make barbeque. Every other State in the US has different style from Texas’ Sweet Texas Style, Carolinas’ Tangy style, Kansas City BBQ, to fire roasted Jalapenos BBQ. I enjoy all these kinds with slight preference to smoked bbqs with sweet sauce but that’s just me. I thing most Americans like me from the South prefer any sweet-sauce BBQ.

From over 30 BBQ-tasting experiences across the country and have made hundreds of BBQs as a professional cook, I strongly encourage anyone to try out various flavors as there is no ‘perfect’ BBQ option.

Lucky Bull Grill was borne out of that desire to encourage all meat-lovers to embrace the idea of trying out various recipes. The challenge is finding the right grills and smokers and as I got started earlier in my career, I realized how important this is. Even the most seasoned experts may not reveal the critical importance of finding the right grill or smoker for your particular needs.

So I started this site to share several guides on smokers and grills and have grown over the past several years. We are now a team of five seasoned BBQ masters. All of us have specific expertise such as brand knowledge, knowledge on designs, prices, and value for the money. We’ve now grown with the most extensive reviews of the best grills and smokers in the US and beyond.

About Alex:

Alex Kinoti is a New Mexico native with 6 years of professional barbecuing experience and three years working at Home Depot. He is the editor here at Lucky Bull Grill and when he is not testing and reviewing grills, smokies, and other kitchen appliances, he runs his own hotel consulting business. Having graduated from the Culinary Institue of America, he spends a significant amount of time providing best-in-class advisory to clients looking to set up hotel businesses. At home, Alex likes spending time with his small family of two boys and a loving wife. With his extensive experience as a chef and as a top-notch hotel industry consultant, Alex brings his knowledge and skills to provide readers with the best guides and reviews of the best grills and smokers.

You can reach Alex for consulting services using his email, alex@luckybullgrill.com.