When searching You need to look at some features, to get a brand new grill. Details such as how big price range, temperature controller, construction and the overall cooking space. For those who have a budget and are currently searching to get a gas grill at under $500, it will be actually the list for the

We Smokey Steak Ranch have culled through the plethora of gas grills available for sale, and compared the features all for your own budget.

We held them Against more expensive grills to make certain that you are getting good bang for the dollar. Through each the difficult work, we have already been able to come up with a list of the 12 best gas grills under $500.

List of 1-2 Best-Rated Gas Grills Under $500 US Dollars on the Industry Now:

01. Char-Broil 463377319 Performance Gas Grill


· Four stainless steel pans for a Level cook every time

· 425 square inches of cooking space Letting You cook the entire meal in once

· 36,000 BTUs for cooking outside

· 10,000 BTUs side cooking burner providing additional cooking coating

· Heating vents are all stainless steel for even heat distribution

· Porcelain-coated cast-iron grates are extremely durable and aid prevent rust

· 150-inch swing away warming rack


This Charbroil Performance Gas Grill performs very well with its four beers and surface that is large. You can rest assure that heating will be evenly distributed with this particular grill’s stainless steel heat tents. The unit comprises one other with a burner assembled into bring cooking distance, one for meal prep and shelves on each side.

Pros / Cons

Drip tray can be conveniently situated and can be removed for simple cleanup up
Electronics system provides rapid and Dependable Start-ups at the push of a switch
Consumers state that It’s easy to control the temperatures while cooking Working with the temperature gauge built into the lid of this grill
· Some customers have complained This device may be Tough to assemble

· It’s possible that the dirt trap will probably fill up with water when it rains

The Char broil Performance Gas Grill is actually really a propane gas grill which offers a value for the budget. We now at Smokey Steak Ranch believe this grill to become among of those best propane gas grills for under $500 available on the industry. Offering a excellent performance for approximately $300, this grill is guaranteed to deal with any meal that you throw it.

02. WEBER 49010001 SPIRIT II E 310


· Three burners

· 424 square inches of cooking surface

· 30,000 BTUs for all burners

· Propane grill will hook up on a home’s gas line

· GS-4 grilling system with improved infinity ignition, burners, porcelain-enameled Flavorizer Bars, and grease Management system

· 105 inch warming rack enables buns and side objects to be stored warm while waiting for Your Primary course to be drilled to perfection

The Weber 49010001 Spirit II E-310 is also an grill. It hooks up directly to a home’s propane line; which means that you may not ever have to worry about running out of petrol at the exact middle of your own grill. Aside table is contained for additional preparation space, and folds down when not in use. Whenever you are finished using your own grill the 2nd side table contains hooks to put away your utensils.

Pros / Cons

Ignition Includes a 10 year, 100 percent Weber Guarantee
The available cart layout allows for convenient and easy access to cooking utensils and other necessities while you are grilling
Surface heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly
· This grill has a bigger footprint and may not be ideal for all spaces

· The hood Isn’t too heavy, making it difficult to cook meat of a large size

This Weber Spirit II e 310 is simple to use and simple to preserve. It is constructed of very sturdy fabric and features a plethora of features which will easily accommodate grilling for virtually any size party. This may be the best gas grill available for under $500 you may own.

03. Roy Al GOURMET GB4001


· Four tube burners, each individually controlled

· 792 square inches of cooking surface big enough for almost any meal

· 52,000 BTUs of cooking energy

· Over 4. 5 Millimeter thickness level Griddle plate with pre-seasoned surface

· Side handles allow for easy removal for cleaning

· Upgraded digital ignition program which makes it easy to start up every time

· Negative tables for added prep space

· Grease cup has a bigger capability and can be detachable for hassle-free cleanup

· Locking caster wheels provide stability while allowing free and easy motion

The Royal Gourmet GB4001 4 burner gas grill and griddle is actually just a flat upper grill that uses propane gas. It contains four meals for optimal cooking in various heats. The cart design enables you to cook almost any food you would like. An excellent grill for your price of approximately $325.

Pros / Cons

Offers extensive versatility to use as a grill or a griddle
Simple to construct and incredibly sturdy
Heat supply is easy to fix for each individual burner
· Some consumers had problems with all the regulator freezing

· Transport of this thing can be hard and irreparable harm to various parts


The Versatility with this grill allows for a myriad of chances. The cooking plate is thick and flat with a large surface that will satisfy most of your grilling needs. The tube burners are stainless steel and may be manipulated separately, allowing more diversity within your cooking. Simple assembly and clean up provides more time for your to enjoy your feast.



· 8,000 BTUs

· 146 square inches of cooking surface

· Cooking temperatures may reach up to 600 levels

· Push button ignition system

· Porcelain tooth grate is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

The Cuisinart CGG-059, Grillster is created for transport. This grill weighs just under 10 lbs, has foldable legs, a big carrying handle and locking lid. It’s a compact design that’s perfect for quick meals on-the-go. Utilizing a inch pounds. Propane tank, this grill’s ease and extreme versatility is actually just a terrific significance for a buy price around $100.

Pros / Cons

Comes with a three year warranty
Lightweight and easy to transport
Can be assembled in a matter of minutes with No extra tools
· The ribbon is shallow and Might interfere with cooking larger items, like a whole ham

· Opening the dome while cooking will probably loose heat quickly


Ideal for Tailgating and camping cookouts, the Cuisinart CGG-059 Grillster can be definitely an exceptional purchase for anyone searching for a grill under $500. It is simple to put together and can be designed for even more easy cleanup up. Compact for transport, however, large enough to grill for bigger groups, this grill can be a superb buy for at home or on-the-go.



· Four stainless steel burners

· 60,000 BTUs (along with four Chief burners and side burner)

· 513 square inches cooking surface

· Includes one facet burner

· Includes warming rack with A210 square inch coating

· Enclosed cupboard to hide tank

· Side tables for prep space equipped with hooks for utensil storage


The Monument Grills 17842 is just a skillet grill comprising being a rotisserie as well as four metal burners. Surface gets hot to With one side burners and four major burners, you are sure to conquer your grilling needs all . It has an attachable rotisserie, allowing you more diversity within your capacities. A pilotless ignition and thermometer makes grilling a outcome irrespective of what your mastery amount is.

Pros / Cons

Attachable rotisserie allows you to Slow-cook several Kinds of meat
Easy meeting in about 2 hours, may be performed by one person if necessary
Consumes are enjoying the Superior construction the smaller components as well as the Whole grill entire
· Some areas of the grill might be prone to clot following protracted usage

· This grill has a bigger footprint and Might be a tight squeeze into smaller outside spaces


The Monument Grill is built to last and solid. It has an exterior case design will provide a nice grilling experience for many years to come. This grill embodies a top-of-the-line gas grilling experience that’s guaranteed to satisfy all your grilling demands for less than $400.

06. WEBER 57067001 Q3200 Propane GRILL


· Two stainless steel burners

· 21,700 BTUs

· 393 square inches cooking surface

· Features out a grill manage light for ease of cooking during daylight hours

· Easy-start digital ignition to get an easy start every single time

· Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates

· Contains warming rack with a 75 square inch space

· Glass-reinforced nylon framework for a Trendy appearance That’s constructed to last

· Gas grill hooks right up to a home’s gas line

The Weber So that you never have to worry about running out at the center of a barbeque or gathering, 57067001 Q3200 grill uses natural gas. This grill includes an easy-start digital ignition in addition to an hands burner valve setting and a nylon frame helping one to grill each meal every single time you use.

Pros / Cons

Includes two side tables for additional prep room that fold for Effortless storage
Sturdy cart-like setup with two wheels to get easy mobility
Easy assembly in under one hour
· Some customers have complained that Heat output on this particular grill is not perfect and sometimes inconsistent

· Other customers are saying that the quality of the layout is not up to level

Despite the We at Smokey Steak Ranch believe that this Weber Q3200 grill is one of the better gas grills which it is possible to purchase just for under $500. It’s a streamlined style design and never needing to compromise on creating an excellent meal every time you grill.



· Double zone burner system enables for grilling right on heat, or indirectly if wanted

· 26,500 BTUs

· 415 square inches cooking surface

· Includes hinged 4 5 Degree lid layout to prevent hitting on the hot flame

· Includes heating rack using another 110 square inch surface

· Clasp Do or close system

· Hinged propane tank storage for easy accessibility and Power to conceal tank

· Propane gas grill

The Fuego F24C propane gas grill has a compact design which makes it ideal for spaces or even patios. May be assembled in under half an hour and has a grip door clos hinged gas tank storage door system, and electronic ignition.

Pros / Cons

Small footprint is perfect for smaller spaces
aerodynamic design brings a Special appearance and aesthetic appeal for your outdoor space
Extremely versatile and makes cooking any meal Easy and hassle-free
· Grill design will promote flare ups while Used

· Some users have remarked that it Hard to control the heat and keep it throughout the cooking area


The simple to Extremely Fuego F24C grill and assemble provides a design using a massive cooking surface to allow for those massive grill parties. The hinged door that provides comfortable accessibility to the septic tank serves as a means to hide it in view, which can be attracting avid grillers. With its user friendly attributes, any griller is sure to enjoy cooking on this device.

08. Dyna Glo DGB390BNP-D


· Three stainless steel burners

· 36,000 BTUs

· 503 square inches cooking surface

· Includes Side-tables to get additional prep room and contain towel hooks and bar to Keep utensils

· Control valves are chrome-plated having an infinite atmosphere

· Easy-push Electro-Pulse Ignition for fast Start up Everytime

· Collapsible side tables to make more room around your grilling area when not in use

· Integral, stainless thermometer for temperature controller

· Propane gas grill

The Dyna-Glo DGB390BNP-D grill is a cooking system that may deliver high-performance for any gathering you might have. This smart space living grill includes a porcelain enameled steel firebox that houses three stainless steel steel burners. Collapsible side-tables and A streamlined design allow it to be perfect for smaller sized patios and decks where elbow room are at a premium.

Pros / Cons

Assembly is simple, directions were easy to follow
Consumers ‘ are loving the even heat distribution that comes along with all the three burner strategy
This grill is easy to spark push button begin
· Some consumers have complained that the grease pan rusts out very quickly

· This grill may be more likely to rust


This easy to Use and assemble grill is really a wonderful addition to any backyard. Heat letting you cook almost anything on its massive cooking surface is evenly distributed by the 3 burner system. Providing value to get a price of approximately $325, the grill will remember to please any grill master.



· Four stainless steel tubing burners

· 36,000 BTUs

· 400 square inches cooking surface

· Includes side burner using 12,000-BTUs and a lid for if not using

· Contains ceramic coated swing away warming rack with a 118 square inch coating

· Metal lid and control panel provide durability against the components

· Lid-mounted temperature gauge allows for better control while cooking

· 4 casters for Simple portability and equilibrium because desired

· Stable cabinet structure hides propane gasoline tank

The Master Cook External grill features a cooking surface that utilizes heat retention of cast iron. This construction provides an superb power to sear food in addition to lock in food’s natural juices. The top does not require seasoning and is easy to clean.

Pros / Cons

The piezoelectric ignition offers a broad even temperature range
Features an enclosed storage cabinet for grilling tools and hiding the propane tank.
Extremely durable and sturdy layout to survive
· Several buyers discovered this grill tough to build

· Some consumers have complained of cold and hot areas during cooking surface

With a Purchase cost of around $250, the Master Cook propane grill is a wonderful bang for the buck. Designed for ease of usage and constructed of stainless steel, this grill will be sure to satisfy most your grilling needs.



· Three steel tubing burners

· 24,000 BTUs

· 557 square inches cooking surface (262 Charcoal, 295 Propane Gas)

· Comes with a ceramic heating system plate to maintain your food hot

· Includes chrome plated warming rack using a square inch surface

· Stainless-steel flush burner with cover for added cooking distance

· Side shelf for added food prep area

· Charcoal and/or Propane gas grill

The Backyard Grill is a petrol and charcoal grill combo which features three strands using an ignition for quick and easy startup. This grill can be employed with a propane tank or with charcoal, depending upon the griller’s desire. Together with cooking grids and a chrome warming rack, this grill is great for cookouts and family gatherings. With a price of around $450 the griller can not lose.

Pros / Cons

Consumers are telling us start up is simple and functionality is fantastic
Grillers are loving the duality in cooking options This grill provides
Plenty of room for food preparation and storage for whatever you desire while grilling
· Assembly can take a few hours

· Gas aspect of this grill is not as powerful as any grillers Might favor


For those Grillers that love versatility, look no further than the Backyard Grill Gas/Charcoal Grill. It includes a large cooking surface and includes a porcelain heat plate and a chrome plated warming rack to keep the food warm. It has a shameful baked-enamel lid with a grip. The grill features two temperature indicators to make sure the perfect amount of heat, make this among the gas grill grills under $500 available on the marketplace.

11. Char Broil SIGNATURE TRU Infrared 525


· Four stainless steel burners providing better temperature controller

· BTUs

· 525 square inches cooking surface included in porcelain-coated cast iron grates


· Includes porcelain-coated heating rack using a 200 square inch surface

· Sure Fire Electronic ignition system offers a dependable spark at every burner


The Char-Broil Signature 525 includes four-burners and also a cabinet for storage. It contains the for more complete performance. Features incorporate 443 Stainless Steel burners which can be easily adjusted for a frequent and even cook every single time you grill. The most useful part is this grill can easily convert from propane to an all pure gas grill, even if preferred.

Pros / Cons

Consumers are enjoying the infrared technology that allows for better control of warmth while printing
Choice to convert to organic gas using added purchase of conversion kit, if desired
Buyers are also enamored with the fact that flare ups are virtually non-existent using this grill
· Many grillers have experienced difficulty with the fever gauge being inaccurate

· Some components will have a Propensity to rust after protracted usage


This Char-Broil grill is one of the best stainless steel grills under $500 you can purchase. Its extreme versatility and quality build will keep you grilling for a long time ahead.



· Six stainless steel

· 54,400 BTUs

· 753 square inches cooking surface

· Includes electronic ignition for Simple start up

· Includes warming rack using a 210 square inch surface

· Integral thermometer enables precise temperature regulation

· Porcelain-enamel Lid


· Cart with Tank Hole and Tank Lock for easy storage of your tank


The Megamaster propane gas grill features six dishwashers. Electronic ignition enables you to start your grill with ease. The heating rack adds 210 square inches of cooking surface provides you with plenty of space to grill anything for any of meals.

Pros / Cons

Consumers are enjoying the way quickly this grill lighting and warms up
Oversized side tables make the perfect prep place
Buyers ‘ are fretting about the overall operation of this grill
· Some discovered that this grill was difficult to construct

· This grill is very sizable, therefore it Might Not Be ideal for those with smaller outdoor spaces or limited patio space


This Megamaster provides you everything you will require for grilling. Loads of cooking space, easy tripping and cooks food. The valve enables temperature regulation. And the amount warming rack is an excellent place to keep your buns or foods toasty. This grill is a wonderful bargain.


When deciding On what gas grill under $500 you have to choose, there are few things you should search for. Focus on the characteristics and benefits that are available and make sure you compare these to people that are available from grills that are high priced.

More High priced grills often possess significantly more bells and whistles, but the features are like those grills that are less expensive. Note that features such as hanging cupboards warming racks and temperature gauges should be conventional for gas grills within this budget.

An gas grill Should provide temperature range control that is easy and ought to have versatility and allow to grill or fry dishes. Grills in this budget range should additionally offered to allow for transport that was easier and freedom.


When It is best to assess the surface area that is cooking. Contrary to popular belief, there are grills with a purchase price under $500 who have surfaces that are large.

Be sure to Take notice of the whole cooking size, comprise warming racks and any side burners to feel convinced that will suffice your barbecuing needs for all.


But Not A must have feature aside burner, for all grillers can add to your total surface capability. If you are currently trying to grill meals for larger parties, then this might be a requisite when considering what grill to buy. Additionally grills in this cost range will probably come with a side shelf or table. This will offer essential homework space in addition to a place to put utensils or other grilling items.

The more Burners included on your routine, the costlier the grill has a tendency to be. The amount of burners is that a direct correlation to the amount of individuals you would like to grill for. Therefore, you should consider if you wish to grill for many people at the same 24, a grill that contains four or three burners.


To pick the Gas grill under $500, you need to check the BTU under every product description. This information will give you. It is crucial to bear in mind that units with space that is extensive require BTUs to warm up the thing. You need to look at the power provided relates to the overall size of the grill.



The main Factor that result in petrol grill-related fires is either escape or a fracture, according to the record from NFPA. To prevent this, make sure to check the hose of the cylinder for leaks prior to using the grill to the first time every year. You’re able to employ a soap and water combination that is light to the nozzle to do this. If there is a leak, the gas will make bubbles. If it happens, turn off the gas tank (along with also the grill should on) instantly. It is ideal to speak to a professional to stop the leak before using the grill again.


Lots of Men and Women Prefer grills as they are fast and may heat up high. These burners also tend to produce a heat and have a tendency to be. These grills tend to use gas.


The Char Broil 463377319 Performance Gas Grill is the pick for the best gas grill Under $500. It’s four beers with a huge cooking space. When buying This grill, so you can trust this unit to handle all of your grilling needs Efficiently. If this grill is Simply Not right for you, think about the Megamaster Gas grill. The Megamaster boasts six burners covering 753 inches Of grilling capability, which makes it a bang for the dollar. For almost any Questions respect any other grills, please contact us by visiting https://smokeysteakranch.com/. And, like always, Happy Grilling!